Attorneys for Family Court Mediation in New Jersey

In New Jersey, couples enter into mediation to resolve their family law or divorce issues without the expense and challenges of going to court. We are New Jersey family law attorneys who can assist you with mediation.

What is Family Court Mediation in New Jersey?

Mediation is an alternative to going to family court to resolve issues such as child custody, child support, parenting schedules, spousal support, and division of marital assets and debts. A mediator is not a judge and does not make any decisions for the spouses. Instead, the mediator is a neutral third-party who is formally trained to identify and understand issues in family court and to facilitate and to structure negotiations between the parties. A skilled mediator can help divorcing couples move past their conflict and determine for themselves what is important and, ultimately, the outcome of their divorce.

Mediation has many advantages over going to court including:

Mediation Litigation
Parties can focus on their true needs and interests. The court decides what is important for them and their family.
Both parties have control over the voluntary negotiation process. The court controls the parties’ fate.
The parties’ resolution can be very creative, and the parties avoid “win-lose” and “lose-lose” outcomes that are typically the result of litigation. A court’s decision is rarely “creative” and is confined to the law, and even those parties who “win” at trial oftentimes find that the cost of winning (time, energy, emotions, money) was too high.
The parties can maintain privacy because the sessions are confidential. Court records may be open to public examination.
Through mediation and settlement, the parties may improve their relationship or end their marriage civilly. Court hearings and trials typically foster resentment and ongoing hostility between parties.
In resolving disputes through mediation, the parties save an enormous amount of time, energy, and expense. Preparing for and participating in trial can take a long time, and the cost of trial is significantly expensive.
Studies indicate that parties who enter into voluntary agreements through mediation are much more likely to honor the terms of their agreement than judicially imposed resolutions.  The parties continue to litigate in court to seek modification or enforcement of the court’s orders.

Get Help with Family Court Mediation in New Jersey

Whether your mediation is court-mandated or by agreement, our family law attorneys can help you prepare for mediation and help you reach a settlement that works for you and your family. Schedule a consultation today to how our lawyers can help resolve your NJ divorce or family law matter.